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Whether you liked it or not, there was no choice involved with many of the changes 2020-2021 brought on due to COVID-19 -- not to mention any other changes you may have experienced on top of it. Change is a part of life and also a six-letter word that many people with anxiety often go to great lengths to avoid. There’s a lot to be said about the comfort of predictability, I mean you know what you’re getting. Predictability often supersedes the adventure and advantages that come along with change to an anxious person. Change is inevitable in life and having too much resistance makes it even harder. Embracing change can be difficult at first but with time and practice, it can get better. Here are some tips for embracing change:

Try to Stay as Much in Your Routine as Possible: Change can be difficult to adapt to, especially when you thrive in a routine. Routine helps things feel normal.

Keep Up with Self-Care: During times where changes are going on it’s a great time to reflect on your non-negotiables-(possibly-sleep, hygiene, exercise and healthy food). Figure out what makes you happy so you can be more comfortable with change.

Support: Who in your life can support you through change. How would you rely on them if you needed them?

Change the Way You Think About Change (if negative): Think about what this change will bring to your life. Positive thinking and always great to apply positive self-talk.

Don’t Make Too Many Changes at Once (if you can help it): Try not to overwhelm yourself or add too much stress to your life at once. Go at a pace that is comfortable to you.

Adapt: Reflect on all the changes in your life and how you felt before and after you adapted to them. Sometimes you have to give yourself some time before things feel comfortable and routine.

Mindset is a huge part of accepting change. Many people instinctually resist change to avoid feeling anxiety. Remember in my previous blog “Stop Avoiding Your Anxiety”, I told you to ride the anxiety wave? What are you waiting for, go read it😉 Anyway, the point is to stop fearing the anxiety and take it along with you. Let’s be realistic, this may be very difficult and uncomfortable-which things can be sometimes. But with time it could be the best change of your life-who knows!

At A Little Counseling we help children, teens and adults learn to think differently about change and develop coping skills to take through life for handling many of life’s transitions. It’s time to stop looking at change as a dreaded six-letter word and see it as bearable —- or dare I say AWESEOME! Remember it takes rain to make rainbows! YOU GOT THIS!

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