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Intolerance of Uncertainty

Intolerance of Uncertainty

Anxiety is often fueled by the intolerance of uncertainty. Not knowing the outcome of a situation is often terrifying, particularly for those who worry excessively. Is this you? Do you over-prepare for things, repeatedly go over the “what if’s” of a situation, constantly seek reassurance from others, prefer not to delegate tasks, constantly check things or even avoid them all together? According to an article by Robert L. Leahy, PH.D., some worriers say that they would rather know for sure that the outcome will be bad than be left in suspense not knowing for sure. The truth is unless you have a crystal ball showing the future or a really good psychic 😉, you'll never really know the outcome until you go through it. So for all the non-psychics out there, here are some tips on how to overcome the intolerance of uncertainty.

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