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    • Developing Patience

    Impatience is that feeling of rising stress when your needs and desires are not being addressed. Frustration, annoyance, irritation, and restlessness are some of the emotions behind impatience.

    Patience is something we could all use a little more of. It’s not a destination, it’s a lifelong journey which includes a lot of practice. We live in a world full of instant gratification -- if it’s not Prime or same-day delivery, it’s too long! We want it all and we want it now! While many hold this mindset, life is not a “Prime” delivery and many things come with time. What would be better in your life if you had some more patience? Perhaps more day-to-day enjoyment or less stress. Here are some tips on how to improve your patience:

    Take care of your basic needs: Let’s start here. How often do you neglect your basic needs and find yourself impatient because of it? I’m sure it happens to all of us. Work on checking in with yourself to make sure your needs are met. It’s not easy to wait in a line when you needed to pee about two hours ago or to engage in a conversation with someone when you’re raging hungry. You must take care of your basic needs.

    Time management: Make sure to give yourself enough time to reach your goal. Keep your expectations realistic. If you’re going food shopping -- specifically on a weekend, you can expect there will likely be a line or crowd to slow you down. If you must be somewhere, leave on time or a few minutes early. Remember, even those with the best time management skills are not immune to life’s inconveniences. Expect them.

    Within & outside of your control: Your needs are met, you’ve managed your time, and end up late due to street traffic. There is nothing you can do in these situations to change them, what you can change is your mindset. Take a second to recognize this is out of your control and give yourself permission to look for enjoyment in-the-moment. Indulging in the frustration, anger, and annoyance of it only breeds more negativity. If it’s out of your control, it’s truly out of your control.

    Develop empathy: When you become impatient with others, look for empathy. When you take the time to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, your emotions may shift away from impatience. Those who are more empathetic tend to have increased resilience which is needed when developing patience.

    Practice gratitude: Shift your mind to a place of gratitude when faced with situations that test your patience. The sweet child that is pestering you right now is someone you love more than anything!

    Decrease multitasking when possible: So many people lose their patience when doing too many things at once. While multitasking can’t always be avoided, pay attention to how you feel and react when too much is going on. The awareness can dial down the level of impatience. Cut down on multitasking when possible and see how much better you react to the things around you.

    Studies show that individuals with moderate levels of patience that don’t need instant gratification are happier overall. If you desire more patience in your life, it’s time to start practicing -- it’s not going to happen on its own. We’d love to help you develop patience with yourself and others here at A Little Counseling but don’t expect a quick fix—our service is not “prime” here 😉

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