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Don't Give Up On Your Goals

  • Don't Give Up On Your Goals

As the New Year approaches, people start to think about their goals and what they want to accomplish. What’s not always emphasized as much as the goal itself is the roller coaster that accompanies the things we want in life. Nothing is ever easy or without a struggle. Never giving up is what separates those who progress towards their goals and those who don’t. Here are some tips on how to move towards your goals without giving up.

1. Set goals you really want: “In order to hit a target, you’ve got to have a target.” Goals are work, and a strong desire is essential to invest the necessary work towards achieving them. Think about why you want this goal and expect that there will be many bumps along the way. We can’t expect a perfect path towards our goal, as such a perfect road simply does not exist.

2. Write your goals down on paper, why you want to achieve them, and put them in a place where you will see them daily. Look at this paper when you are discouraged.

3. Get mentally tough: If it was easy, we’d all be doing it. Find your positive self-talk quotes and use them. “You can do hard things.” “I can do it.” “There will always be bumps in the road.” “This too shall pass.” Practice your positive self-talk repeatedly. This stuff works! Counseling is a workout for your mind if you need help getting mentally tough!

4. Identify your support system: Who are you going to turn to when you want to give up? Asking for help and support towards your goals is a strength not a weakness.

5. Know when to take a break: There is nothing more frustrating than being frustrated and not walking away to clear your head. “Almost everything will work again if you unplug it, including you.” Remember that there is a difference between taking a break and giving up.

6. Stop focusing on the outcome: Not all goals can be accomplished right away. Set smaller goals within the bigger one and celebrate these successes.

7. Find enjoyment where you can: What about working towards this goal brings you joy and satisfaction. If you can’t find something good in it, you may want to reassess your goal.

8. Identify your personal strengths in overcoming challenges: “It has been really stressful but I’m patient and good at asking questions when I struggle.”

You can achieve many things in life with the right mindset and expectations. Achieving a positive mindset and forming realistic expectations are goals in themselves that people need to work on consistently throughout their lives. If you have goals and often give up, you may want to start here to set a strong foundation.

Remember, people who reach their goals fail often, have many moments where they want to quit, get frustrated, have days where they don’t want to do it, and are pushed outside their comfort zones. BUT they don’t quit, they just keep going. SUCCESS GOES TO PEOPLE WHO DON’T QUIT. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

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