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A case of the “What ifs”

  • A case of the “What ifs”

WHAT IF? A phrase that’s no stranger to someone with anxiety. This phrase often floats around in the mind of someone who is anxious and can turn just about every situation into a possible emergency. “What if” thoughts by themselves aren’t considered problematic, only when they start popping up and interfering with your ability to function that it might be time to address them.

Do you have a case of the “what ifs”? If so, you stand with many people and should pat yourself on the back for being self-aware. As I say in most of my blogs, self-awareness is power for change. If you know when you’re having “what if” thoughts, remind yourself that they are just that, thoughts. The mind can be very convincing, NOT ALL THOUGHTS ARE FACTS. Simple enough but sometimes everyone needs to “check” themselves. It’s also important not to sit in your “what if” thoughts. Meaning don’t just think them, answer them. Often times when we answer our “what if” thoughts it brings us to solutions and possibilities. After all, most situations have more than one possible outcome. Acknowledging this not only pulls you out of the negative mindset but also gives you back the control. Most of the time, your going to realize you can handle the outcome.

“What if” you learn to handle your anxiety and improve your quality of life? “What if” everything will turn out okay? “What if” there are more outcomes than a negative one? “What if” you called A Little Counseling and reached out for help? To tell you the truth, I don’t know the answer to any of these questions (I’m not perfect!) and there are many possibilities. What I do know is that not every situation leads to a catastrophe and more often than not our “what if” thoughts are just that—thoughts. Call a Little Counseling and we’ll teach you to start saying “So what?”- I’m serious, we really do this 😉

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