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    • How should I talk to my children about COVID-19 and all the changes going on right now?
      How should I talk to my children about COVID-19 and all the changes going on right now?
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    Many people suffering from anxiety tend to be "perfectionists" and hold themselves to their own or somebody else’s unrealistic expectations. While perfectionism can be a driving force towards success, research strongly supports that it can negatively impact mental health. Perfectionists often fear failure by not feeling good enough and worrying about judgement from others. The road to perfection can be unproductive and leave individuals feeling unhappy or dissatisfied. There is a great deal of pressure that a perfectionist puts on his/her own self and asking for help is usually seen as a weakness. “If you have to ask someone for help, well that means your flawed, that means you're weak, right? And so I also think there is this presentation of not wanting to seem like you need help from others,” says Fuschia Sirois, of the University of Windsor in Canada.

    “You were born to be real-not to be perfect” is a quote you can find on the “A Little Counseling” website homepage. I really like this quote because it brings everyone to a human level and reminds us that nobody is perfect and to just be ourselves. Perfectionism can cause you to feel anxious, frustrated, angry and self-critical. Setting your standards too high can get in the way of your work/school, relationships and happiness. Having the ability to self-reflect and recognize your flaws demonstrates strength in character. Seeking help is far from a weakness and could lead you to a happier life -- imagine that!!!

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    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Notice

    A Little Counseling, PLLC takes the Coronavirus (COVID-19) threat very seriously and we are committed to continuing services during Wake County's stay-at-home order. For the safety of our clients and staff we are only offering Telehealth services until further notice:

    Our staff would like to thank all of our clients and their families for trusting us with your mental health. We are doing our best to be available during this stressful time. Please check back to our website for further changes to this policy.

    Thank you- Bri-Ann Richter-Abitol